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A powerful offshore earthquake that struck near the Northern California coast has left a hodgepodge of debris for communities to sort through but spared residents any serious injury.
His dour baritone performs its usual tricks on Lucky Dog Recordings, which nonetheless feels more like a hodgepodge of ideas than a genuine album.
The added costs from having to use this complex hodgepodge of financial information can run in the tens of millions of dollars annually.
When it does not work, the resulting hodgepodge irritates for its lack of focus or frustrates the reader by wandering down so many alleys that the ultimate destination never quite crystallizes.
In fact, the novel's style is not that of a traditional unbroken narrative, but rather a lengthy, hodgepodge collection of first-person reports and views from a wide variety of figures--each excerpt is rarely more than a page in length, and together they piece together a dark, unfolding story of the atrocities of World War II.
a group in the Los Angeles area called the Association of Black Gays published Rafiki, a hodgepodge of writings in the rail of 1976--news bites, information about events, commentary.
This would eliminate a hodgepodge of processes in which insurers now send files electronically or on tapes, saddling reinsurers with a complex process to make the data usable.
The whole affair turned out to be a lively but often frustrating musical hodgepodge.
The inn's exterior resembles a 1950s diner, while the interior is a hodgepodge of styles--beach bungalow, nautical, and Spanish mission--that somehow adds up to more.
Trying to make sense of all this hodgepodge makes other career options look fairly attractive.
Among them: her vivid placing of the angel conversations within the world of Rudolphine Prague (where King Stephen of Poland and Count Laski took part in the questioning of the angels, where papal representatives wrote anxiously about the impropriety of angels appearing to a married man, and where Rudolph stole Dee's skryer because of Kelly's expertise in matters alchemical); her discovery of the long-lost, if ultimately disappointing, Book of Soyga; her explanations of the "divine language," of "Adam's true names," and of "the cabala of nature," all so laboriously taught Dee by the angels, but hitherto dismissed "as a hodgepodge of unutterable sounds and a strange assortment of names and phrases" (182).
The $2 million redesign of the state's previous hodgepodge of Web sites is more uniform and consumer-oriented.