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According to public opinion, there has been a 15% increase in the proportion of people who participated in hoisting flag at home, a 18% increase in the proportion who hoisted flag on cycle, motor cycle/car, a 9% increase in the proportion of people who participated in a rally and a 14% increase in the proportion of people who watched special programs on the television.
Annex 3 to the Invitations (Annex 1 to the contract) in which there is an obligation to hoisting flags and for each additional request ordering, and in the case of missing or inaccurate flag (eg due to theft or damage by third parties), immediately to supplement or replacement - cost charged to the Contractor flag.
The Municipality in a statement expressed its readiness and preparations ahead of the Arab summit due in Kuwait on Tuesday by hoisting flags, cleaing the roads and intensifying food monitoring.
Lighting up candles and staying quite for three minutes or just hoisting flags or singing the national anthem or sending balloons, things like that.
hoisting flags, ropes, rigging and sails, and the audience immediately feel at ease.
There is no legal basis for hoisting flags of other countries in Bangladesh for supporting the teams in the World Cup," said law minister Shafique Ahmed.
It was decided in the meeting that no one would be allowed to carry arms in the city while there would be a complete ban on hoisting flags and banners on public buildings.