hold aloft

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They showed us likewise the bloody robe which that archbishop of Paris wore who exposed his sacred person and braved the wrath of the insurgents of 1848, to mount the barricades and hold aloft the olive branch of peace in the hope of stopping the slaughter.
he the From Back Page that their thread-bare squad is good enough to hold aloft the Scottish Cup at Hampden next May.
Olympic podiums have three levels of standing but you''ll stand for nothing less, than to behold, all of your rivals standing beaten, below you as you hold aloft your medallions of gold
uk Three posts each hold aloft an ov peg into which you can clip your and coats.
Sent in by his great-grandmother Megan Wood, of Llandudno' Grandfather and grandson team of Glyn Crampton and Gwion Williams hold aloft the Grand Slam Cup at Bro Ffestiniog Rugby Club.
Lebanese men hold aloft a cross, the Quran and Lebanese flags shortly before a pro-Syrian demonstration in central Beirut that drew nearly 200,000 people.
THE chance to play for the football team you love (and hold aloft a piece of much-needed silverware in the case of one team that reside at St James's Park) is a dream held by every boy.
Lotto winner Iris Jeffrey with husband Robert sister Linda and daughters Karen and Wendy hold aloft their pounds 20,100,472cheque yesterday; MODEST; The house where Iris raised her family will always hold fond memories for her.
PLANE CRAZY: Protesters at RAF Fairford hold aloft a giant model stealth bomber
Polly Gundry (left) and Evan Williams hold aloft their trophies after winning the leading riders' titles for the point-to-point season.
Vaughan, the first England captain to hold aloft the urn in 18 years last summer, will be sidelined for up to six months.