hold an inquiry

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Sanaullah said the suspects were arrested to hold an inquiry against them and would be released if proven innocent.
He said that Imran Khan was raising the voice for formation of a judicial commission to hold an inquiry into alleged rigging in the May 2013 general elections.
A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: "There are no plans to hold an inquiry, either into the conduct of the police or alleged wrongful criminal convictions, relating to the miners' strike.
BHA media manager Robin Mounsey said: "We can confirm that the intention is to hold an inquiry at Chepstow on Friday, January 16 into Aidan Coleman's use of the whip in the Welsh Grand National on Saturday, December 27, 2014.
Instead of it being required in law to hold an inquiry into a shipping accident if new evidence is uncovered, the Government can let the minister decide.
The APPG has offered to hold an inquiry into Mr Rai s concerns and all the relevant government departments will cooperate fully with the review.
Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna told conference that if Government won't hold an inquiry into the "disgraceful" practice, the Opposition will.
THE Government yesterday signed off on plans to hold an inquiry into the collapse of our banking system.
The Afghan government was asked to hold an inquiry into the incident, adhere to the border coordination and cooperation mechanisms, and prevent the recurrence of such incidents, which are detrimental to the friendly relations and undermine goodwill between the two brotherly countries," said a statement issued by the foreign office.
The Senate voted unanimously on Thursday to hold an inquiry into the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), following allegations that ASIC took 16 months to act on information about serious misconduct inside the Commonwealth Bank's financial planning unit.
Relatives said there was enough evidence to justify an official investigation and asked judges to overturn a Government decision not to hold an inquiry.
The News Of The World is to hold an inquiry, headed by the woman at the centre of the scandal.