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BAY. Is an enclosure to keep in the water for the supply of a mill or other contrivance, so that the water may be able to, drive the wheels of such mill. Stat. 27 Eliz. c. 19.
     2. A large open water or harbor where ships may ride, is also called a bay; as, the Chesapeake Bay, the, Bay of New York.

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Halifax were big and strong with a penchant for driving mauls which, to their credit, Stour's defence managed to hold at bay when at times a try seemed inevitable.
The daughter of Theatrical, runner-up in both of her previous races, just managed to hold at bay Godolphin newcomer Saffwah and the late-thrusting Miss Thailand.
But this response places the burden back on residents like Jimenez and the Chualar Elementary School who dutifully try to hold at bay the collections agents and threatened shut-offs.