hold authority

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He said why Ali Awan should hold authority with him like the past minister; the board members should run the administrative affairs.
NAB had moved the court stating the accountability court does not hold authority to release Capt (r) safdar on bail and wanted his transfer to Adiala Jail on judicial remand.
The DepEd would like to reiterate that even though teachers and school administrators hold authority over students, they are also responsible for their welfare and protection.
Their efforts to campaign for greater liberty may be rebuffed today but notions that only men can hold authority will be challenged every time Mrs Clinton appears on a television screen.
In Iraq, the Defense Intelligence Agency boss indicated that he believes it unlikely that a government in Baghdad could hold authority over the disparate regions within the country's official borders;
For Aurbach, the "moral norm" for those who hold authority is everything his "administrator" is not: intelligent, honest, courageous, and, above all, transparent in his dealings with those under his authority.
It was discovered that Stenhouse did not hold authority to hold any firearms or ammunition.
I've always believed good journalism should aim to give voices to the voiceless and to hold authority accountable.
This was also known as Barge Day and was held to assert the right of Newcastle to hold authority over the River Tyne from Hedwin Streams, near Newburn to the mouth of the Tyne.
For this reason, those who legitimately hold authority also have the right to use arms to repel aggressors against the civil community entrusted to their responsibility.''
Ja'fari scripture providing grounds for quietism in Islam includes the ayat (Qur'anic verse) "Obey God, obey his Prophet and obey those among you who hold authority" and the hadith (sayings by leading theologians): "Obey him who holds authority over you, even if he be a mutilated Ethiopian slave".