hold authority

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In Iraq, the Defense Intelligence Agency boss indicated that he believes it unlikely that a government in Baghdad could hold authority over the disparate regions within the country's official borders;
I've always believed good journalism should aim to give voices to the voiceless and to hold authority accountable.
For this reason, those who legitimately hold authority also have the right to use arms to repel aggressors against the civil community entrusted to their responsibility.
But they also act as both a sounding board and a safety net, giving people a say - whether on our Letters pages or on social media - and helping to hold authority figures to account.
It seems to me and I believe many other ordinary people of this once great nation, that people who attain and hold authority seem to get away with everything because of their status.
We must disperse the pain of staff, seek to find hope, establish mature defenses, engage in change, diagnose problems early, engage staff in conversations, contain conflicts, create the capacity for hope, and hold authority courageously.
A more nuanced reading of gender in African societies could include the possibility that some women may routinely hold authority over some men, even if the same person may be subject to male authority in another context.
She said Shahbaz Sharif does not deserve to hold authority as Chief Minister of this big province after using the unconstitutional and undemocratic language against the President.
One of our aims is to hold authority to account and reveal uncomfortable truths which those in power may prefer to remain secret.
This systematic review will hold authority for many obstetricians and we need to be able to discuss the validity of the findings.
On such a background, which reveals a consensus between those who hold authority and the populations of their countries - their "masses" - over the possibility of maintaining the current situation to no end, a question arises over the side that wants to bring peace to the Middle East, and over the benefits that make it a necessity for the peoples of this region.
Hence the questions who should hold authority over the police and is responsible and who should have administrative powers (re)appeared in all of the debates.