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Hold Back doesn't simply look at the fallout this engagement causes among Slimane's Algerian family but also the horror with which it is greeted by Dorcy's relatives.
Perhaps next time he could hold back until he discovers all the facts over plans for the family's entries.
In addition, engineers will begin work on the delicate process of securing the concrete slurry walls that hold back the Hudson River waters and which are the signature portion of Libeskind's design.
I know I should perhaps try to be careful and hold back a bit but I am not sure that I can," said the player who is desperate to make up for lost time after suffering a season-long knee injury.
5m barrels per day (bpd) from 1 January 2002 and a group of independent producers, including Russia, Mexico and Norway, have also agreed to hold back a total of almost 500,000 bpd from oil markets.
The main disadvantage of this model is it requires the practice to either hold back pay or create a separate pool of funds for the incentives.
We hold back the minimum amount necessary for central services, and we consult with the schools on the amount delegated to them.
The dam would hold back flood waters by trapping some rain water in a new reservoir -- three Gorges Lake (see map, above).
The Hold Back manager is self-sufficient, self-confident, competitive and ambitious.
Global Banking News-March 28, 2013--BCG says banks would not hold back funds for real estate development in Dubai(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Summary: Emma Watson managed to hold back the tears at the final premiere of the last ever Harry Potter film in New York.