hold dear

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In choosing to serve God we may have to forfeit much that we hold dear.
Consumers love competition when they feel like it benefits them and doesn't threaten places they hold dear.
Your help has been the undoing of most things I hold dear.
Every day, these brave men and women put their lives at risk to defend the freedoms we hold dear.
Before the page stops turning I look at recent years Living here on Merseyside A place I now hold dear.
We encourage all of our guests to think about which charity they hold dear to their heart, and that they believe truly deserves to benefit from our collection drive.
With four previous volumes, Mary Ann Samyn brings readers another fine collection with "Beauty Breaks In", discussing the natural tumultuous state of life and what many hold dear.
Nothing can ever take away, the love our hearts hold dear, fond memories stay with us every day, remembrance keeps you near.
When Thunder Rolls: The Underground Railroad and the Civil War" is a tale of the Underground Railroad, a line of people that slaves knew to run to for aid and assistance in trying to flee northward for the most basic of freedoms that so many Americans hold dear.
It was a crime against the people of Africa and an insult to the values we British hold dear.