hold different views

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"We hold different views about Brexit and how our country should proceed from here.
At a roundtable discussion entitled 'Europe facing new challenges,' Gergely Gulyas, the Minister heading the Prime Minister's Office said the EU is engaged in unnecessary internal debates, and 'the West' is not manifesting any kind of tolerance towards those who hold different views.
And embark on a journey to understand the world and the universe from the lenses of those who hold different views and beliefs.
The DPP's push for an "iron cage" referendum law amendment isaimed at restricting the country's democracy and freedom of speech to silence those who hold different views from those of the DPP, the ex-mayor said.
We should not assume, says Wehner, that "those who hold different views than we do have nothing to teach us."
"We can hold different views, whether it's politics, religion or day to day matters," Paul, R-Ky., wrote on Wednesday on Twitter after the damages were announced.
Borromeo said they also observed that the older generation and the current generation hold different views on career development.
I have every respect for people who hold different views to me.
A community should be a place where we are allowed to hold different views and yes be able to challenge each other on those views but be able to disagree agreeably.
Birkenhead is a case in point of how the Labour Party has been overrun by individuals who demonstrate intolerance of, and nastiness towards, those who hold different views to their own.
He said the council was not treating those with religious views "with any sort of consideration whatsoever and was blind to the fact that people may hold different views to them".
Abdel Wanis added that merging the parties of the coalition will help prevent contradictory opinions in case a certain party and the coalition hold different views. Seemingly supporting the move, Abdel Aal said that the coalition meets all conditions that would make it a strong political party, adding that political life cannot be on the right track without a majority party.