hold down

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The final was a close one against home favourite Eric Raick, but the Teessider came out on top as he once again countered a throw and turned it into a strong hold down to take top spot on the podium.
When a polling firm asked the survey participants about steps they would be willing to take to hold down health care costs, 88 percent said they would be willing to switch to generic drugs, or already have, and 74 percent said they would be willing to get, or already are getting, more preventive screenings.
Believe me, you cannot hold down a job if you are using heroin every day.
On February 5, 2003 the first chord was played by an organist, but his work has since been taken over by weights that will hold down the organ keys until July 5, 2004.
To open one of these URLs in your default browser, hold down the Command key and click on the URL.
Fifteen-year-old Eddy Miner and his pet kitten more than hold down their end of the teeter-totter against a crowd of friends and relatives including (from left) Ben Miner, 13, Joey Garcia, 8, McKenzie King, 7, Matthew Garcia, 7, and Wil Miner, 3.
To help hold down vehicle-repair costs while assuring quality, the alliance and its member companies support the sale of competitive replacement parts approved by the Certified Automotive Parts Association.
WESTLIFE star KIAN EGAN can't hold down a serious relationship because girls can't handle his fame.
Another way to hold down cost is to blend PP copolymer with plastomer for the outer tactile skin layer.
The more rapid advances in productivity also continue to help contain costs and hold down underlying price pressures.