hold down

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The final was a close one against home favourite Eric Raick, but the Teessider came out on top as he once again countered a throw and turned it into a strong hold down to take top spot on the podium.
But fewer than half say they are taking more aggressive steps to hold down health costs.
Half said they have a part-time job either during term time or the holidays or both, or hold down full-time work, with 21 per cent working 21 hours or more a week, the Endsleigh survey found.
A third insurer told the GAO it will reduce commissions in 2012 and also try to hold down costs by reducing the number of in-network physicians.
I can't help wondering who has time to write all of these entries and do other things, like hold down a full-time job, have a family, exercise, etc.
The company says its low prices help people afford what they might otherwise not be able to buy, and some economists believe that Wal-Mart has itself helped hold down the nation's inflation rate.
OTTAWA -- Two-thirds of people with Bipolar I Disorder are able to hold down a job, particularly if they have help with the practicalities of living, such as meal preparation or getting to doctor's appointments says a new study published in "How Healthy are Canadians?", a supplement to Health Reports produced by Statistics Canada.
The 75-year-old Palestinian leader was unable to hold down his food or stand up, appeared confused and spent most of his time sleeping, said associates.
In an effort to hold down drug costs, the attorney general of Massachusetts filed suit against 13 major generic drug makers.
Veteran left-back Le Saux, who also joined this summer as part of the deal that took Wayne Bridge to Chelsea, believes striker Phillips faces a tough fight to hold down a spot in Gordon Strachan's side.
On February 5, 2003 the first chord was played by an organist, but his work has since been taken over by weights that will hold down the organ keys until July 5, 2004.
Many Japanese companies are expected to face the need to purchase such emission credits if Japan is to hold down its greenhouse gas emissions to the quota assigned to it under the 1997 Kyoto protocol on cutting such emissions.