hold fast

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Hold Fast and Ruby Walsh en route to winning the 2m handicap chase by seven lengths
Dan Skelton, assistant to Paul Nicholls, trainer of Hold Fast "He has improved since his first run for us at Newbury.
Star performance Denis O'Regan for two well-judged rides from the front on Hold Fast and High Stand Lad Quote of the day "I'll have to clip him again now, we were going to rough him off" - Trainer Ian Hamilton after the success of Fred Bojangles Who has slipped to a lenient mark and will appreciate a step up in trip?
This requires Europe s negotiating position to reflect the highest possible ambition and I urge the EU to hold fast to that principle in today s Environment Council discussions.
Hold fast, Watson, I hadn't actually had a bet on that race.
flat with necessary hold fast painting in two coats over and anticorrosive paint etc.
However, the process is essential for the success of any organisation or service indeed even the bible tells us 'test everything and hold fast to what is good' (1 Thes 5:21).
You're an example, so hold fast to your traditions, hold fast to your values, hold fast to your friends, and if your friends are going in the wrong direction, talk to them more.
He continued: "The simple truth is that they will hold fast to their line - this is the traditional approach of the European Commission, the European Union - they will hold fast to their line to the last possible minute and then, if we hold fast to our line, then they will actually come back and renegotiate."
WASHINGTON -- On Monday, his final day as secretary of defense, Jim Mattis in a written farewell urged all Pentagon employees to "keep the faith in our country and hold fast, alongside our allies, aligned against our foes." Mattis, who disagreed with the decision to withdraw U.S.
Muslim patients with diabetes whether had their first or on follow up visit to the OPD and showed intention to hold fast in the month of Ramadan, were included.