hold firmly

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"All right!" answered the Saw-Horse, gruffly, and dashed away so suddenly that Tip had to gasp for breath and hold firmly to the post he had driven into the creature's neck.
While he devoted more and more of his time to the plantation itself, she took over the house and its multitudinous affairs; and she took hold firmly, in sailor fashion, revolutionizing the system and discipline.
The vindictive motive had mingled itself all along with my other and better motives, and I confess it was a satisfaction to me to feel that the surest way, the only way left, of serving Laura's cause, was to fasten my hold firmly on the villain who had married her.
'Therefore I call upon you to hold firmly onto the principles of loyalty to the 'ja'maah' (congregation),' he said.
IMCTC is determined to eradicate terrorism in accordance with the teachings of Islam as in the Quranic verse 'And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.' This guidance serves as the beacon that leads us towards fulfilling our aspirations in service to our homelands."
She has of course proved herself as an outstanding administrator who can hold firmly greater positions if trusted with.'
Magnolia has won its last five assignments overall to hold firmly to the top spot with its 7-1 record.
Obedience means to "hold firmly to the word of life" (Philippians 2:16) so that our lives will be lived with purpose, our work done with deep value, and our lives marked by the joy of communing with God (Philippians 2:16-18).
We should together hold firmly the rope of Allah and should be not divided among ourselves,' he added
"If there is something that Bulgaria will insist on and will hold firmly, this is the theme for the Cohesion Funds," Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said at the joint press conference at the National Palace of Culture with EC President Jean-Claude Juncker.
Let us then hold firmly to the truth and oppose the lies with the truth.
The Tea Directorate had anticipated the price would hold firmly in the coming auctions due to an expected decline in production in the wake of the ongoing cold weather and high demand.