hold forth

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I take a measure of comfort in knowing" that difficulties like mine aren't all that uncommon--they can't, be, or there Wouldn't exist such a sizeable body of literature aimed at improving the ambitious suburban male, For while, as a species, we project an image of being kings of our castle, eager to show off the recently landscaped yard or hold forth to visitors on the merits Of various deck sealants, such knowledge and skill are acquired only under the constant threat of humiliation.
As it has turned out, very competent women hold forth in many of the traditional "male bastions of power," such as engineering, construction and mechanical repair, for example.
Eichner can hold forth for hours in fascinating detail about the intricacies and contradictions in hematology and metabolic imbalance.
The ``Monday Night Football'' team of Al Michaels and John Madden will hold forth from the booth, while Lynn Swann and Melissa Stark will work the sidelines.
Cummins and Lilliston provide logical retorts to the arguments that companies and goverment hold forth to support the advancement of genetic engineering.
He made the headquarters of the Revolution the Green Dragon Tavern in Union Street, where the Boston Caucus Club held its meetings and where Sons of Liberty from the nearby shipyards, ropewalks and docks met to hear him hold forth against British tyranny and the Tories.
This is serious stuff: Not only do these procedures hold forth the greatest promise for the improvement of human life in the coming decades, but they are on the verge of being prohibited, at least in the United States.
The problematic nature of sexual identity may be not in an ambiguity of character itself, but instead in the communicative signs about the self which characters hold forth to society and to the reader; hence the issue may most productively be phrased not as a psychoanalytic one,(31) but as a semiotic one.