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TO HOLD. These words are now used in a deed to express by what tenure the grantee is to have the land. The clause which commences with these words is called the tenendum. Vide Habendum; Tenendum.
     2. To hold, also means to decide, to adjudge, to decree; as, the court in that case held that the husband was not liable for the contract of the wife, made without his express or implied authority.
     3. It also signifies to bind under a contract, as the obligor is held and firmly bound. In the constitution of the United States, it is provided, that no person held to service or labor in one state under the laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in consequence of any law or regulation therein, be discharged from such service or labor, but shall be delivered up on the claim of the party to whom such service or labor may be due. Art. 4, sec. 3, Sec. 3; 2 Serg. & R. 306; 3 Id. 4; 5 Id. 52; 1 Wash. C. C. R. 500; 2 Pick. 11; 16 Pet. 539, 674.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Williams added: "I'm very good at breaking but I need to hold serve. If I can hold serve, it'll make life a lot easier.
Murray responded quickly to break back immediately, but again could not hold serve as he was lobbed once more by
Having lost the initiative in the first game of the previous set, the pressure was on Murray to hold serve early in the fourth.
Murray, who overcame world No 4 Nikolay Davydenko of Russia in the semi-final, began the match against Wawrinka nervously and both players had failed to hold serve in the opening three games of the first set.
Trailing 0-40 in the second game, Federermanaged to hold serve en route to winning five straight games.
Roddick lost his serve for the first time in three tournaments but said: "If I get broken eight times and win the match I'd rather have that than hold serve 400 straight times."
However, the diminutive Belgian, at 5ft 5 in almost exactly a foot smaller than Rusedski, refused to buckle and saved a total of four break points to hold serve.
The top seed and defending champion, unbeaten on clay this season, imposed his experience and baseline consistency during a 78-minute encounter in which both players struggled to hold serve.
Second seed Williams made several unforced errors when serving at 5-5 to leave Davenport having only to hold serve to take the first set.
Krajicek found it hard to hold serve early on, and his unforced errors allowed left-hander Siemerink to grab the first set with a sizzling service return.
One flicked backhand down the line by Goffin to hold serve in the next game had the man from Liege smiling, but his resistance snapped at 5-5 when he dropped serve from 40-0 up.
He had the chance to break Hewitt in the fifth game but couldn't convert, however he struck immediately to break the Australian, then served three aces on his way to levelling the match Hewitt struggled to hold serve at the start of the third but surprisingly it was Federer who cracked first, dropping serve in the fourth game when a tired looking forehand sailed long on break point.