hold the attention

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He might stir his lovely Rose of Sharon to the uttermost, had he been free he might have won her for his wife--but would it be possible for fifty-four to hold the attention of twenty for long if he had nothing but his love to offer?
SHARING the limelight can be hard for a child, and little Mjukuu is determined to hold the attention of his parents despite there being a new arrival.
Released straight to video elsewhere in the world, but it should hold the attention of its intended audience of very young girls.
Others suggested introducing more heritage villages and exhibitions that are captivating enough to hold the attention of visitors and residents, as well as theatrical performances.
The dry ochres and browns of the landscape, the luminous greens of the ocean and vegetation hold the attention emphatically as the story unfolds.
But this thriller still manages to hold the attention, due to the skill of director Hackford.
With comical, energetic illustrations and simple, repetitive text, this tale will hold the attention of listeners right to the funny final twist.
The story deals with adult themes, but will hold the attention of mature readers as the truth and its implications are slowly revealed.
SOPHIA Loren proves that at 73 she can still hold the attention of any man in the room.
THE VERDICT: A bonecrunching gangster flick which is heavy on violence but fails to hold the attention.
There are professional writers working up the guides' scripts, and they will be well-trained in cuing up the new video segments hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, so for many it will come down to their ability to think on their feet and hold the attention of their passengers while their tram sits idle for a minute or two.
Most educators find it very challenging to hold the attention of their students throughout the school day, and counselors realize early in their careers that they are well-served by making their individual guidance lessons as interesting as possible.