hold the interest of

References in classic literature ?
If I told them of this they would be much interested for a short time-I might even hold the interest of a few long enough to get them here and explain their duties to them; but soon they would lose interest and when you needed them most they might be off in the forest searching for beetles instead of watching their posts.
Multiplayer features some interesting takes on the usual death match mode, but is unlikely to hold the interest of the online community for long.
Nonetheless, this story will hold the interest of the more mature listener, who will be forced to contemplate the relationship of innocence and evil.
We are aware that this charge lets you look at the wild flowers and gift shop but these don't hold the interest of a three-year-old.
This well-written book is filled with nuggets that hold the interest of the reader and includes useful summary tables and an excellent index.
However, Levitt requested that the IASC value the quality of the result over the speed of the process, expose and resolve differences of opinion and hold the interest of investors supreme.
Best of all, he is a skillful storyteller who will hold the interest of YAs and adult readers as well.