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Some narrators of this legend hold the opinion that Mother Rigby's conjurations and the fierceness of her will had compelled a familiar spirit into the figure, and that the voice was his.
The judge, however, rejected Samsung's request that Apple be forbidden from continuing to claim that its design rights had been infringed, saying that Apple was entitled to hold the opinion, the news agency said.
As it happens, I don't agree with Mr Bellamy either but, unlike FoE, I believe he has every right to hold the opinion he does and to have it heard.
Take Yanshan University for example, during its 11th Five-Year-Plan period, we hold the opinion that university orientation is a norm of formulating the university developing planning.
Look, if you're carrying around that darling little sign, you must also hold the opinion that God loves bigoted intolerant idiots.
Many hold the opinion that pornography debases both sexes, depicting women as willingly used sex objects.
Eddlem suggested that I hold the opinion that the only value for non-governmental organizations at the UN is to convert delegates to the pro-life cause, and that we do not have any influence over changing policy.
4] They also hold the opinion that sex offenders pose a continuing threat to society and require constant vigilance.
The spokesman said: "There are scientists who hold the opinion that since the auditory canal in children is smaller than in adults, there is a different amplification which makes children more sensitive to high- frequency sounds.