hold the reins

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Then, ordering his sister to hold the reins, he mounted, and made me stand for ten minutes, watching how manfully he used his whip and spurs.
KARACHI -- Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain said Tuesday that he can no longer hold the reins of his party after witnessing the silence that followed Khawaja Asifs statement in the National Assembly.
Michael Izza, ICAEW chief executive, said: "Finance directors hold the reins in business as they steer organisations to growth, which is vitally important as today's companies contend with a fragile global economy.
Discussions are ongoing with other potential investors, but for now he and King hold the reins, and they are determined to prove an F1 team can be run correctly.
Held throughout the year, Glynllifon's show jumping events are organised by the students themselves - and this time it was the turn of horse management students Millie Brown, 17, of Amlwch, and Dani Kennerley, 17, of Dwyran, to hold the reins.
Thus with Labour's desire to win marginal seats from Plaid etc, it strikes me that much of this scaremongering has less to do with the benefits to Cymru fach, and more with the future of the Labour Party and the fear that it will never again hold the reins of power in London.
They stall and lie in wait until they can again hold the reins of government, and until then we shall all suffer the lack of ability to act on health care, immigration, job production, education, guns, voter suppression, presidential appointments, etc.
Joshi was asked to hold the reins of the railway ministry.
Club stalwart Sam Hanna was the last man to hold the reins.
This privileged family have enjoyed no inheritance tax levy against them for hundreds of years, hence they continue to hold the reins in terms of finance.
And, again Pervez Musharraf would come back and would hold the reins of country in the larger interest of nation, he added.
Watkins, a prominent sports lawyer and senior non-executive director of the RFL, will hold the reins until a new chairman is appointed to succeed Lewis, a former Davis Cup player who is leaving after 10 years at the helm to become chief executive of Wimbledon.