hold tight

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Hold Tight was well supported before the Victoria Cup at Ascot in May, but he could not live up to expectations, being hampered when trying to challenge before being eased right down by William Buick when his chance had gone.
After September 11th, our business dropped off by almost 50%, as many of our traditional customers decided to slash all hiring plans and just hold tight.
I've lost too much principal, so I've got to hold tight says the 31-year-old housing developer for Neighborhood Housing Services, a nonprofit organization, in New York.
Knowing dinner would be delayed, I was about to send a message to the upper staff in cabin areas to hold tight and not blow the dinner bugle.
Why didn't it hold tight to the branch where it was safe and got the nourishment to stay fresh and green?
Squid suckers have the dangerous combination of a suction cup and a ring of sharp "teeth" to hold tight to predator or prey.
The ride isn't always gonna be as smooth as we'd want it to be, but just hold tight.
Hold Tight had plenty go against him when beaten half a length by Crazy Chic at Lingfield in October.
HOLD tight through the rain and cold winds for the next few days - on Wednesday they will give way to blazing sunshine as much of Britain basks in a Flaming June heatwave.
Hold tight for Blackpool Tower and the Pleasure Beach's rollercoasters