hold tight

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Hold Tight was well supported before the Victoria Cup at Ascot in May, but he could not live up to expectations, being hampered when trying to challenge before being eased right down by William Buick when his chance had gone.
* HOLD TIGHT: George Clooney as Jack and Irina Bjorklund as Ingrid
So buckle your seats and hold tight, for you're about to go on a magical journey.
"I was told once again to hold tight and I would be allowed to pass." A bullhorn-toting officer ordered the protesters to "move on"--which they couldn't do, because they had been boxed in.
Thus it's said to hold tight tolerances--down to 0.0005 in.--between shafts and bed knives.
"Another is 'Let's Date,' which we sing to our boyfriends after we've been outed." Morrison puts on his best Backstreet Boy pout and croons, "I really like your smilin' face / My beach house has a fireplace / We'll watch reruns of Will & Grace / I think it's fate / Hold on / Hold tight / Let's date."
They produce a smoother finish, cut to a true 90-degree shoulder, and hold tight axial and radial tolerances.
After September 11th, our business dropped off by almost 50%, as many of our traditional customers decided to slash all hiring plans and just hold tight. But they couldn't stay like that forever, and we found that by March of this year, most of our customer base was either reducing staff and restructuring, or they were buying out other companies and expanding -- either way, just like a stock broker, in the recruitment business, market movement equals opportunity.
"I've lost too much principal, so I've got to hold tight says the 31-year-old housing developer for Neighborhood Housing Services, a nonprofit organization, in New York.
"We also hold tight ranges for sand control, and we have never been without sand for molding," he said.