hold together

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"I think, realistically, we've got to say that despite all efforts there is a possibility that we will not hold together, or not hold together for a while," he said.
In his case study of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo where ma or conservation efforts were under way when the hostilities intensified, Andrew Plumptre discusses the importance of junior staff members, who often have the ability and the will to hold together conservation efforts even under extreme and dangerous situations.
But if they did not hold together, he said, God will still teach us in our separateness and there would be reconciliation.
After that, my thoughts centered on whether the plane would hold together long enough for us to consider our options.
And the community formed by this justice can only hold together if all are loyal to the bonds that tie them to their coworkers and friends, if they are unwilling to sell each other out or betray each other for some personal advantage.
Like others who have been abused, these women have been made to feel worthless and unvalued and they are ready to clutch at any way of feeling better so as to hold together a tattered sense of self.
Given this ambitious mission, I'm sure you can appreciate my temptation to ask, "Will this thing hold together?"
Like the work of Fautrier and Wols, Michaax's drawings show a mind disturbed by its own sensitivity and unable to hold together except when operating at recklessly high speed.
The heavy steel tubes which are used to stabilise the flying edges also weigh down the more conventional two-sided vaults and they are all strapped to the corrugated sheets with thin steel hoops which recall the bamboo straps that hold together the ceilings of traditional Japanese farm buildings.
The Hold Together personality is a valuable but rather complex and sometimes difficult person at work.
There we find a consistent and "astonishing power to hold together two principles that, on the face of it, are irreconcilable" (132).