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Release the tension on the elevation mechanism after the hold-down nuts are tightened.
Initial tests show corners contribute 90% of the capacity that a hold-down does," says Crandell.
AFPA's Line gets right to the point: "If it turns out that the corners give the needed hold-down capacity, then why put hold-downs there?
A typical shearwall with windows and doors might require 10 or 12 hold-downs adjacent to each rough opening.
Hold-down clamp capacity, for example, is measured with the spindle as close to the clamp handle as possible.
Horizontal-handle hold-down clamps have a vertical clamping action, and their handles pivot to a horizontal position to lock.
Then soak the hold-downs in the baking soda solution.
A traditional vacuum system incorporates a multi-zone approach whereby vacuum flow is directed through a tabletop grid surface and fixture board to hold-down a desired blank(s).
Gaining popularity is the vacuum pod hold-down system, highlighted by an economical manual flip pod approach.
Covering the bottom of the box is a good start, but putting some pieces under the hold-down straps will soak up any boil-over from the battery caps before it has a chance to run down to the bottom of the box.
Two bolts to check before leaving the motor pool are the cab hold-down bolts.