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An individual who has lawfully received possession of a Commercial Paper, such as a check, and who is entitled to payment on such instrument.

A holder is distinguishable from a holder in due course since, in addition to possession of the instrument, the latter takes it for value, in Good Faith, and in the absence of any notice that there is any claim against it or that it is overdue or has been dishonored, which means that payment of it has been refused.

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n. a general term for anyone in possession of property, but usually referring to anyone holding a promissory note, check, bond or other paper, either handed to the holder (delivery) or signed over by endorsement, for which he/she/it is entitled to receive payment as stated in the document. (See: check, bill of exchange, promissory note, bona fide purchaser, endorsement, holder in due course)

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a payee or indorsee in possession ofa bill of exchange or promissory note.
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HOLDER. The holder of a bill of exchange is the person who is legally in the possession of it, either by endorsement or delivery, or both, and entitled to receive payment either from the drawee or acceptor, and is considered as an assignee. 4 Dall. 53. And one who endorses a promissory note for collection, as an agent, will be considered the holder for the purpose of transmitting notices. 2 Hall, R. 112; 6 How. U. S. 248; 20 John. 372. Vide Bill of Exchange.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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