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Cersei arrives at the holdfast. Sansa is wondering why Cersei asked her to come.
Three complete plants were ground, and the fronds, stipes, and holdfast from another three plants were separately ground.
We found all of the hardinggrass varieties adequately adapted for summer survival, with seedings of Perla koleagrass, Advanced AT and Holdfast all successful and highly productive.
While some of today's sea lilies are able to detach their holdfasts from the seafloor and walk short distances on their arms, they do not do it often.
Body 2.12-3.38 mm (2.78 [+ or -] 0.44 mm; n = 9) long, 0.8-1.49 mm (1.14 [+ or -] 0.22 mm; n = 9) wide at the level of the ventral holdfast. Ventral holdfast organ 1.38-2.25 mm (1.86 [+ or -] 0.3 mm; n = 9) long, corresponding to 67% of total body length, and possessing two continuous marginal rows of 54-67 (59; n = 9) cuplike alveoli and a medial row of 18-23 (20; n = 9) elongate transverse alveoli.
vv James Evans has an excellent record with runners at Market Rasen The master of Holdfast Hall Stables in Worcestershire has had an impressive nine winners from just 22 runners (PS21.96 profit to a PS1 level stake) at the Lincolnshire track in the last five seasons and it is well worth taking a closer look at his two runners there today.
A 1,500-ton coaster, HMS London, was loaned by the Ministry of War Transport and the Admiralty and renamed Holdfast. Johnson & Phillips cable gear was lent by the Post Office.
Charley's initial call for an alternative architectural practice is recalled from the introductory chapter, reminding the reader to holdfast to a critical reflexivity that continues to interrogate the social, political, economic and material production of the city.
the wood from which it came, & holdfast two strakes together, that
Kathleen Dean Moore, philosophy professor at Oregon State University, is the co-editor of Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril and the author of Wild Comfort, Holdfast, Riverwalking, and other books.