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Only 12 local governments answered the second round: Holdfast Bay and Melbourne in Australia, Mataro, Mostoles and San Cugat in Spain, Austin, Charlotte, Maricopa, San Jose, Scottsdale and Tucson in the USA, and Lulea in Sweden.
The sub-divisions of these sections are based on a more detailed description of receptacle morphology and reproduction strategies (dioecy, monoecy, male/female dimorphism or not), and to a less extent on the morphology of vesicles, holdfast or axes.
The idea was inspired from the hair-thin holdfast fibers that mussels secrete to stick against rocks in lakes, rivers and oceans.
Widow Betty, of Bristol, began her career at Holdfast Bootmaker's in Kingswood as an office junior.
To deal with these issues, researchers have looked to another organism noted for its bonding powers, the mussel, which has powerful adhesive proteins in its holdfast.
compactum presented a foliaceous body, slightly concave in the ventral face and with a small conical segment in the posterior region; a small subterminal oral sucker, two lateral pseudosuckers in the anterior region; oval pharynx, short esophagus, intestinal caeca ending near the posterior region; oval holdfast (tribocytic organ).
Although it is suggested that these serrae and hooks are used as holdfast devices when attempting to copulate with females (Angus et al.
For management purposes, harvesting by cutting from portions of the frond rather than uprooting/trawling of the entire kelp is more ecologically friendly as the epiphytes and holdfast fauna attached to the plants are not lost.
The holdfast is a structure biologists don't entirely understand," writes the Oregon State distinguished professor of philosophy.