holding ability

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Having a player with that pace, skill and holding ability is a vital weapon.
8220;This practice compromises the strength and tool holding ability of the arbors.
The Flexco Bolt Solid Plate Fastening System provides a strong, sift-free splice with superior holding ability for use in tough material handling applications.
I work with high-carbon steel, not because it's inexpensive, but because I've learned such steel has incredible edge holding ability.
He has the potential of making anybody feel uncomfortable, even somebody with the serving and holding ability of Andy.
A great holding ability makes these hash browns perfect for round-the-clock dining.
What is not currently known, however, is how much spike-holding ability is required, and whether the cut-spike holding ability in wood and plastic/composite ties converge with time.
It is often listed separately as a component of total organic matter because of its importance in the tilth and food and water holding ability of soil.
Their products used in the manufacture of furniture and special industrial applications must be of uncompromising quality with such properties as surface smoothness, hardness, uniform density and fastener holding ability.
It is difficult for transplant companies to ensure that plants are properly irrigated while in transit and sitting in the field, MagnaTerra's water holding ability gives them some badly needed water stress management.
I do like the Aston Martin but think it would be very difficult to get two sets of golf clubs and a suitcase in the boot but the design of the car is superb as well as its road- holding ability and acceleration.