holding action

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One task, as a necessary holding action while the Commission works, is to rank every National Park site in terms of its significance, endangerment, and use.
He resigned in 2002 as General Manager in charge of Lagos and West to join Pacific Bank Limited (then on Central Bank of Nigeria's holding action) as Managing Director.
from the conflict, treating the military effort as nothing more than a holding action. For example, historian Ronald Spector's After Tet: The Bloodiest Year in Vietnam (1993), compares Vietnam to World War I: each conflict was a "stalemate" but "neither side was prepared to admit this fact." Both the Communists and anti-Communists, he observes, made maximum efforts to break the stalemate during 1968.
That US allies are conducting a critical holding action - they are trying to keep the liberal order as healthy and stable as possible until Washington once again emerges as its chief defender.
It's almost as if Brown recognized instantly that VF's perfect synchronicity with its era had become the sort of holding action that no self-described "action junkie" could thrive on, but give her credit anyway.
Furthermore, the holding strategy adds a holding time cost for passengers and increases the running time cost of buses; however, the negative effect of holding action has been compensated by incorporating a stop skipping strategy.
We cannot be holding action on this," Devanadera pointed out.
Disregarding personal safety, Cribb moved about the fire-swept impact area, reorganized his command for maximum defense, and directed a holding action. He skillfully adjusted mortar fire to bear on the advancing foe and was instrumental in wiping out two hostile mortar positions and inflicting numerous casualties.
Now is the time to work harder, says Cristobal, replying to a comment that he can very well just engage in a holding action until the elections in May.
It is a holding action, largely designed to avoid explosions and permit the forces of history to bring humanity into their embrace."
In their first action at the Chemin-des-Dames, they participated in a holding action within sight of the German lines, catching incoming fire from the Boche, and conducting various night raids into enemy territory.
In such battles as the holding action at Le Cateau, during the retreat from Mons, the British continued to pour in a devastating fusillade against the Bosch, sustaining a rate of fire double that of the official War Department estimate of 16 aimed rounds per minute.