holding back

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The 10 banks are holding back 1,109 checks, the statement said.
Another issue that the students raised is the holding back of certificates whereby their academic reports are held back by VTC which hinders them from looking for jobs.
Not only are they holding back on the economy but on trade on jobs and the prosperity of all in Huddersfield.
Summary: Israeli newspapers accused the United Nations nuclear watchdog of holding back incriminating evidence of Iran's drive to obtain nuclear weapons as Israeli President Shimon Peres said Wednesday
Lack of support was also holding back women, according to the study by Woman's Own magazine and consumer brand Dove.
But Peter Luff (Con Mid Worcestershire) said this would damage British industry because it meant holding back talented staff.
The Arab Human Development Report, issued annually by the UN development agency, warns that gender inequality, not Islam, is most responsible for holding back economic and social development across the Arab world.
Media analyst Hal Vogel thinks some consumers might be holding back on buying DVDs because of the war between the two new high-definition formats, Blu-ray and HD-DVD, which debuted last year.
Above the processing plant is a 385-foot-tall earthen dam with a steep, terraced face, holding back the sludge impoundment.
Veronique De Rugy--a resident fellow at AEI and a "French, Anti-American small business activist" according to the head of the American Small Business League--points out that if a large-scale market failure is holding back small American enterprises, business owners don't seem to have noticed.