holding off

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The first 10 minutes of the game were entertaining with both sides offering action going forward, but it was Hull who took the lead - with O'Meley holding off two tackles before he charged over.
Flying Scot Easton led throughout the opener, run in the dry, just holding off the determined Hill by 0.
The company, which sells space on billboards and posters at roadsides and rail stations, said both political parties and regular advertisers were holding off until the date - expected to be May 5 - was finally confirmed.
Strong Safety - the flat dropper, slides inside, holding off #1, but not crossing any receiver who has the potential to release to the flat.
Millennials in the US aren't the only ones holding off on marriage.
Eminem's greatest hits compilation Curtain Call - The Hits stayed at number one for a second week in the album charts, holding off Intensive Care by Robbie Williams at number two.
Qualify showed battling qualities at the end of a tough mile for two-year-old maidens when holding off Midnight Traveller in a driving finish under Ted Durcan.