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In addition to documenting the jump in infection rates inside the holding pen, the two researchers are examining ways to prevent the bacteria's spread.
They cannot call a place a sanctuary if what it really is is a holding pen for when they need the chimps the next time," says Holly Hazard, executive director of the Doris Day Animal League, a lobbying group.
5 million people, he was airlifted to a holding pen in waters off Iceland.
Seconds later, another rocket means the bulls are out of the holding pen.
5-meter (5-foot) tall male emu into a holding pen last summer.
Afterward, Hauter and her co-workers from Public Citizen gather in the conference room of their small office on Pennsylvania Avenue, where box-cluttered stairs and narrow hallways feel like a holding pen and chute leading to the bathrooms.
At this point, you have the choice of putting the page in the ClipTray, a sort of holding pen for documents that you'll later file appropriately or in a specific library.
When the surviving fish recuperate in the holding pen on the surface, the fishermen take them to port.
Had my Conservative Philadelphia shul been more than a holding pen for us junior high school kids preparing for our bar mitzvahs; had there been any serious intellectual activity going on; had I learned to read the scripture closely, or to analyze the Bible, and to study the commentaries, I might have stuck with my religious education.
Scottish SPCA inspector Heather Lawson said: "With the help of fellow officers, members of the public and the local farmers, we were able to keep the rhea confined long enough to construct a holding pen.
YA was the talk of osprey circles last year when, on the last leg of his migration flight from Africa to Kielder, he stopped for a snack at the fish holding pen of a reservoir in Somerset.
Hundreds of people ran with the bulls, some of which skidded as they charged in four minutes and six seconds from a holding pen along an 848.