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The exponent b is determined by plotting gas holdup values versus [I.
Anyone with information on either holdup is asked to call the Lancaster sheriff's station at (661) 948-8466.
An intensive five-hour search of the neighborhood using police dogs failed to find a second suspect in the foiled holdup.
were involved in the holdup and gun battle, which spilled into residential streets and was televised live to a national audience.
Monday night's robbery was nearly identical to a holdup last Wednesday in the same spot when four robbers in a Chevrolet Blazer cut off a taxi and stole $600,000 in pearl necklaces, police said.
Pugh had a 1996 conviction for attempted carjacking in the holdup of a Van Nuys pizza deliveryman.
He was convicted in September 1996 of attempted carjacking stemming from the holdup of a Van Nuys pizza deliveryman.
The re-enactments were actually described by one viewer as being "too real" for those who have been in a holdup situation before.
Holdup is not constant in pulsed plate columns and changes with height.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad police during general holdup shifted 7 vehicles, 36 motorcycles in different police stations while 19 tinted glasses were removed from the vehicles, a spokesman said on Saturday.
was charged yesterday with armed robbery in the Monday holdup in which police say he threatened a bank teller with a hypodermic needle.
5 holdup allegedly carried out by his teenage nephew, deputies said.