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The director general office of Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department has received several complaints of harsh behaviour during general holdups.
Police visibility-the kind that creates an impression that cops are really out to serve and protect the people-has obviously discouraged holdups.
The prosecutor said a knife was used in some holdups and what was believed to have been a firearm in others.
Comparing Figure 4a and b, the solids holdups in the wall region of the Riser-Orifice are much higher than those in the wall region of the Riser-Tube.
The trend is toward ``note job'' heists - about 75 percent of all holdups this year - often committed by middle-age and older ex-convicts.
Japanese companies generally possess large amounts of private enforcement capital in transactions with one another because of the significant sharing of information regarding performance among Japanese companies and the large potential "loss of face" in the Japanese marketplace if it is perceived that one has engaged in a holdup.
22 on two counts of armed robbery stemming from bank holdups June 25 at the TD Banknorth branch at 500 Grafton St.
Flow regime, bubble size and size-distribution, bubble rise velocity, bubble coalescence characteristics, and gas and liquid phase holdups, are the primary parameters, while mass and heat transfer coefficients, gas-liquid interfacial areas, gas-, liquid-, and thermal dispersion coefficients etc.
Trevor Damaurn Woods was wanted by the Los Angeles Regional Fugitive Task Force on suspicion of committing scores of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Culver City holdups involving female victims and nail salons, according to the U.
The droplets of low interfacial tension systems breakup more easily and thus the average droplet size in these systems is smaller and higher holdups are achievable before reaching the flooding point.
The number of takeover robberies shot up 31 percent last year even as holdups fell slightly, the FBI announced Friday.
The record for the region was 2,641 holdups in 1992.