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They related the gas holdups in the riser and downcomer of airlift reactors based on the continuity principle, by the equation:
Also, because of low dispersed phase holdup, less solvent is consumed and contamination risks are lowered.
Deputies arrested the four even though only three robbers were described by witnesses to Monday morning's holdup at a Lancaster Albertson's store.
Three young men also robbed a Lancaster Bank of America branch on June 18 in a takeover-style holdup, but an FBI agent said the Casa Roma suspects are not the bank robbers.
holdup began when the men brandished guns and ordered the staff and customers to the ground, Parks said.
And during a holdup at the same branch May 31, 1996, police say Phillips and Matasareanu got away with $794,000.
As of the beginning of this month, there have been 126 robberies with 32 takeovers, compared to 79 holdups with 12 takeovers last year.
Police said that 16 of the 21 holdups were in the city of Los Angeles.
This is the worst I've ever seen,'' said Rehder, who has been investigating bank holdups for 28 of his 30 years with the FBI.
Eleven of the holdups have occurred in the San Fernando Valley.
WORCESTER - A Revere man charged in a recent rash of convenience store holdups was ordered held on $60,000 cash bail at his arraignment yesterday in Central District Court.
In order to gain new knowledge about the influence of distributor structure on the solids distribution in long risers, this work investigates the axial and radial solids distribution and flow development by measuring local solids holdups and particle velocities in two long cylindrical risers of different distributors with fluid cracking catalyst particles and over a wide range of operating conditions.