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A day of recreation; a consecrated day; a day set apart for the suspension of business.

A legal holiday is a day set aside by statute for recreation, the cessation of work, or religious observance. It is a day that is legally designated as exempt from the conduct of all judicial proceedings, Service of Process, and the demand and protest of Commercial Paper. A prohibition against conducting public business transactions on holidays does not, however, have an effect upon private business. Private transactions will not, therefore, be invalidated solely because they are conducted on a holiday.


noun celebration, day of festivities, day off, dies festus, feriae, festival, fête, furlough, gala, jubilee, leave, leisure, lull, recess, rest, time off, vacation
Associated concepts: general holiday, legal holiday
See also: absence, furlough, leave, remembrance
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BASKING J Holidayers find a spot to relax in the glorious sunshine on Brighton beach SOAKED n Bridlington SUNNY SMILES Francesca and Emily in Saltburn, yesterday
From little more than a patch of desert Samih has created a spectacular destination perfect for a range of holidayers - from honeymooners and families to playboys to adrenaline junkies.
What we found were pink European holidayers looking for late-season bargains, and hoteliers trying to squeeze a few more euros out of one of the worst tourist seasons anyone could remember.
Since its launch in 1912, the palatial four-stacker overnight passenger ship Seeandbee, of the Cleveland & Buffalo Transit Company, had carried happy holidayers on extended trips from Buffalo to Duluth (and intermediary ports).
We have seven to race, four retired and a few holidayers about the place," says Sams, as a Spiridon Louis stands, lead free, by her side.
For holidayers who like minimum fuss when it comes to packing up the make-upbox,eyelash tinting (pounds 7)may be the answer.