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Canny holidaymakers then take a taxi or get a lift the short distance to the airport.
Cash, jewellery and gadgets are never covered if they are in the plane's hold, so holidaymakers are advised to carry them in hand luggage.
As well as planning holidays to Europe, some holidaymakers may be considering changing their money now because they are unsure about potential future currency swings in the uncertain political and economic climate.
As it was our priority to get the holidaymakers home as soon as possible, early on Wednesday afternoon we eventually managed to secure their transport from Tirana to Poprad (Prescaronov Region in northeast Slovakia) by several aircraft of the Interior Ministrys fleet, Lipscaronicovaacute said.
The report shows that more than two-thirds of holidaymakers overspent by an average of 27% on their last trip abroad.
? Holidaymakers risking it by leaving insurance cover until just before they travel Research from GoCompare shows the vast majority of holidaymakers only arrange travel insurance at the last minute.
The free of charge 'Easy Check-In' service allows holidaymakers on selected Thomas Cook Airlines flights to check themselves and their luggage in for their flight home in the comfort of their hotel, receiving their boarding pass before they even arrive at the airport.
Since the beginning of this month, facilities in Diani have been registering a rise in visitors, with the majority of them flying in, driving or disembarking from the daily train service.The surge in domestic holidaymakers has been attributed to the Madaraka Express train, which offers cheaper transport and faster speed.
UK holidaymakers would prefer to sit next to Hillary Clinton on a flight than Donald Trump, a survey has found.