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But before we become holier than thou, we all know that we are imperfect and just trying to do better.
Holier Than Thou feels very much like a young adult novel it not only examines what it means to move from being a teen to an adult, but also has themes of love, friendship and loss, all very relevant in the YA genre.
I'M HOLIER THAN THOU Jesus Christ and his driving licence, above Picture: ANDREW McCAREN/PICTURE FACTORY
Or maybe it's because this season of faith concentrates our minds on higher truths and holier goods.
From cultivating virtue to the vital role of discipline in enacting spiritual transformation, to the necessity, power, and difficulty of forgiveness, Spiritual Fitness conceptualizes a powerful antidote to the consumption and luxury-driven culture advertised by modern media that can all too readily drown out the finer and holier aspects of life.
Exploring a Christian response to various elements in the novel, Fear Not Da Vinci introduces readers to such ideals and explanations for Christians as to whether or not it is okay to read the novel, if Jesus really was married, if Mary Magdalene is pictured in "The Last Supper", if Jesus was merely a man or a God, if women are holier then men, and tactful ways to approach analyzing and discussing Dan Brown's novel with a gentle touch--as opposed to an irrational and abrasively critical argument.
We are not compelled to become someone else, someone better, someone holier, but simply be authentically ourselves.
And to think we become all holier than thou when players produce their handbags and rip a ladder in each other's tights .
Many eunuchs have been notorious for their military prowess, and Matthew 19:12 suggests that castration makes Christian men holier than they would otherwise be.
Holier If You Hear Me is a must-read, not only for Tupac's many followers, but for anyone seeking to understand the impact of the black experience on American culture.
Fire Controlman 1st Class (SW) Todd Holier, who works in combat systems, has been in the Navy for 10 years.
Any time the Maitre d' saw me walking without something in my hands he would holier at me for making unnecessary trips.