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Hence, it's difficult to have empathy with holier-than-thou money managers crying into their decaffeinated double lattes, and easy to have sympathy for Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed's reply to his accusors: Crony capitalism was never an impediment to investment in the past.
She's a product of the BBC's holier-than-thou preaching tribe.
42 128mins 12A WHILE Rush is the real Oscar deal, this holier-than-thou issue movie is a by-numbers love letter to awards committees.
However, it finally looks like the penny is dropping for Ms Holier-than-Thou as cracks start showing in Foster's mask of innocence.
To help you get into that January holier-than-thou feeling LA is offering to help people lose festive temptation and find gym salvation with a fantastic deal in January.
There is a certain amount of hypocrisy and holier-than-thou attitude from some of those people who criticise the Government and other MPs in the House of Commons.
THE mind-boggling, cocky, arrogant, holier-than-thou attitude of Haringey's children's services boss Sharon Shoesmith is already enough for her not only to be sacked and replaced immediately, but also for the possibility of criminal neglect charges to be looked into.
For the unitiated, the main focus of Henry's ever-more imaginative scheming and gruesome pranks is his holier-than-thou brother, Perfect Peter, closely followed by next-door neighbour Moody Margaret.
This city and country needs to get its priorities in order, and the holier-than-thou mob should think long and hard before helping to destroy the common rights of the British people.
The fine art world has got this holier-than-thou reputation which isn't necessarily true.
The holier-than-thou attitude of the majority of those questioned in Mr Amodeo's article seems to smack of a politically correct orthodoxy based on lazy thinking and inverted vanity, and the sooner they learn to call a spade a spade the better.
Star Wars'' fans are infamous for their holier-than-thou attitude when it comes to knowledge of movie minutiae, but legions of them could be hoarding valuable ``collectibles'' that might in fact just be ordinary toys.