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AMAZING as it sounds, even holier-than-thou Gwyneth Paltrow can make bitchy comments.
And despite perhaps the most public, holier-than-thou campaign ever lodged against a television show, ABC on Monday ordered nine additional episodes of ``Nothing Sacred,'' bringing it to a full-season run.
The people have had enough of their holier-than-thou dictats.
My concern stems from the closed minded, holier-than-thou attitude of the art world and NEA activists.
With his album titled God's Son, Nasir Jones is the holier-than-thou laureate of rap.
But when I see the paternalistic attitude of the Cohens of this world, it's enough to make me consider lighting up - just to irritate the holier-than-thou PC crowd.
The holier-than-thou brigade who criticised his four-letter outburst during his defeat by Andy Roddick should crawl back behind their pulpits.
Someone who's poor couldn't fight us and we could be holier-than-thou with them.
Sailing in at number 94 on our irritant list is holier-than-thou singer, Britney Spears.
But does it really warrant holier-than-thou Liverpool councillor Richard Kemp saying: "I have always believed Chris Tarrant to be an overpaid, undertalented Southerner.
The same cannot be said, in my book, of holier-than-thou Hoddle who, despite sitting in David's seat, has not spoken to him or offered one iota of spiritual support or succour to his predecessor.
It's in the garage with dust" Actress Dakota Johnson, star of Fifty Shades of Grey who also said she had taken one of the sex toys used in the film "Few other issues are polluted by so much holier-than-thou, dishonest, smearing cant and political mud slinging" Former newspaper columnist Sir Bernard Ingham on tax avoidance "For the people who are asset-rich and very prosperous a couple of hundred quid a month isn't going to make a difference.