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However, in pop culture, holistic medicine has taken on a very different meaning.
We offer well over 200 various holistic health machines.
The fitness DVD was created by the celebrity personal trainer and leading holistic fitness practitioner who asks the question: "Are you connected or disconnected to yourself?
The report found that limited faculty and staff time was the primary deterrent to implementing more holistic review in the admissions process.
Members of OHNA brainstormed the idea of a holistic skills workshop that would teach and demonstrate holistic tools such as the FICA and HOPE assessments.
She noted that holistic dentist might mean that if someone goes to a dentist with a problem, then the doctor might look for other issues, and "might say do you grind your teeth when you sleep, or do you eat tonnes of sweets, and what is your diet?
The holistic model stands in contrast to the traditional model of public defense.
Holistic care searches for the underlying cause of the disease and does not address the symptoms alone.
Jill created a bespoke and natural face therapy combining specialist skin and holistic well-being therapies all in one.
It is this simple practice of embracing my life and experiences that makes me a holistic individual.
2%) who receive a holistic view of their assets have referred their advisor.