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Ad Engine is a new feature of Rubicon Project's Seller Cloud that empowers publishers to create their own trading operations and optimize revenue holistically across all advertising inventory and all sales channels.
The researchers agree that humans recognize faces holistically, which is not how they generally recognize other objects.
We believe mining reform issues should continue to be dealt with holistically under the purview of the existing conference committee.
A comprehensive GRC framework solves two pressing risk and compliance challenges faced by financial institutions worldwide - "hidden costs" of multiple systems and the duplication of processes that are not only expensive to maintain, but also hinder the ability to holistically manage the impact of external and internal risk and compliance events.
Learning to think about disease and treatment in terms of energetics helps us better understand the body's imbalances, and at the same time how to treat those imbalances holistically.
The DON of the year 2000 will always think holistically - looking for underlying reasons for a problem, at the whole physical and emotional person, and stressing that person's dignity.
Reed's book details how churches should holistically structure themselves, how they can avoid tax problems, what businesses churches can operate to revitalize the community without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status, and step-by-step guidelines for implementing ancillary operations such as real estate, day care centers, drug abuse rehabilitation centers, housing projects, and others.
The PCI SVA is a valuable component in addressing this issue holistically.
Our file reporting, data classification, migration, search, and compliance solutions holistically help customers control the complexity, cost, and company risk related to unstructured data.
We continue to focus on the areas of integration, transactional data consolidation, and real-time workflows designed to help firms improve their ability to assess profitability, risk and business decisions, while supporting customers holistically across the traditional trading and operational silos.
The Posit Science - Humana partnership will give aging individuals the ability to act preemptively and holistically when it comes to their health.
PowerRecon enables users to collect data from multiple geographically-dispersed data center sites and aggregate and analyze it holistically to build server consolidation scenarios that optimize resources across the data center.