hollow place

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On the one side of the rock there was a hollow place, worn a little way in, like the entrance or door of a cave but there was not really any cave or way into the rock at all.
On the flat of the green, just before this hollow place, I resolved to pitch my tent.
Before I set up my tent I drew a half-circle before the hollow place, which took in about ten yards in its semi-diameter from the rock, and twenty yards in its diameter from its beginning and ending.
By doing this, you set in motion the hidden machinery in the wall which turns the hearthstone on a pivot, and discloses the hollow place below.
A man that's got the names and the natur o' plants in's head isna likely to keep a hollow place t' hold tunes in.
And you scraped away the sand, and dug a hollow place in it?
I saw the hollow place myself when I followed you to the boat- house.
Upon thorough inspection, it was found that 66kg of hashish and 60kg of methamphetamine were stashed inside a hollow place inside the rescue boat.
There was a hollow place inside of me where my cries echoed endlessly.
Let's not allow ourselves to enter such a hollow place.
The sinus tarsi syndrome Lingering inflammation, scar tissue, or a partly torn ligament can occur in the hollow place in the side of the anklebone called the sinus tarsi (sinus in Latin means hollow or sunken and the tarsus is the ankle).
What surrounded me was not silence, but the lack of a rumble, a hollow place after a sound and after the silence, a vast and deep rupture with no shores and no bottom.