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What about the hollowness, I wanted to know, unsure if it was my place to ask.
film suggests a more pervasive hollowness. Method actors pretending
After the installation of the bridge's foundation, it turned out that there was hollowness under the foundation of the bridge filled with groundwater.
While maintaining that all the listed loot took place under the watch of the PDP, Mohammed said this showed the hollowness of the party's apology to Nigerians.
The hollowness returned yesterday when I saw a news story that said gun violence has killed 7,000 young people since Sandy Hook.
In a disclosure that confirms the hollowness of tax base, the number of income tax return filers from all main sectors of the economy has contracted in the past five years and the only exception is the salaried class.
There are many interpretations of the election of Donald Trump: the resurgence of a frightening old-new form of white racist nationalism that feels perilously like native-born fascism; a rebellion of working-class Americans against PC-obsessed elites; a Russian plot to install a Kremlin stooge in the White House; a revelation of the hollowness and corruption of both major political parties; a patriarchal backlash against female equality; a win for the Twitter trolls; a symptom of the collapse of the mainstream American press; a freakish eruption from the works of HP Lovecraft.
In this study, the depth of slab, type and presence of void former materials, and hollowness ratio were used as the main variables to test the flexural strength of concrete slab specimens.
This shameful act marks a critical turning point for Iran, and exposes the hollowness of the authorities' claims to have a genuine juvenile justice system." "Alireza Tajiki is the fourth person executed in Iran this year who was arrested as a child.
Haunting and beautiful, Pavel Srut's lyric style expresses both the hollowness of loss and the vitality of forbidden preservation.
A REVIEW in The Guardian describes the author's work thus: "Wallace's exuberance and intellectual impishness are a delight, and he has deep things to say about the hollowness of contemporary American pleasure...sentences and whole pages are marvels of cosmic concentration...Wallace is a superb comedian of culture".