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Lessons and Legacies: The Meaning of the Holocaust in a Changing World.
He added: "It's important Holocaust events are not forgotten to ensure they never happen again.
Mr Hanson said: "Holocaust Memorial Day is an important opportunity for people from Delyn and across the country to reflect on the tragic events of the Holocaust.
Ms Black also paid tribute to the Holocaust survivors who work to educate young people today about the event, which saw millions of Jews and others murdered by the Nazis during the Second World War.
23 about the victims, perpetrators and bystanders of the Holocaust under the theme, "The Who of the Holocaust.
The Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme was established by General Assembly resolution 60/7 in 2005 to encourage Holocaust remembrance and education in order to help prevent future acts of genocide.
The testimony focused world-wide attention on the Holocaust, and publication of Raul Hilberg's Destruction of the European Jews (1961) provided a first comprehensive description of the deadly details.
Kindertransport was an evacuation process made possible through a Britain rescue mission to save 10,000 Jewish children from The Holocaust, which claimed the lives of an estimated six million men, women and children.
Doctors investigated and learned that the fact that I was a fetus during the Holocaust impacted my life and my health," Sagir explained.
The statistics were staggering: one in four of the 140,000 Holocaust survivors in the United States are living at or below the poverty line.
Sir Andrew Burns, Chairman of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance will deliver the lecture on Wednesday.

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