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A will or deed written entirely by the testator or grantor with his or her own hand and not witnessed.

State laws vary widely in regard to the status of a holographic will. Some states absolutely refuse to recognize any will not in compliance with the formal statutory requirements pertaining to the execution of the will. Many states that do not recognize holographic wills executed by their own citizens within their borders will nevertheless admit a holographic will to probate if it was validly executed in accordance with the statutory requirements of another jurisdiction that recognizes such wills.



HOLOGRAPH. What is written by one's own hand. The same as Olograph. Vide Olograph.

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The holograph version substitutes "prisoners' for things.
In the holograph at Kennedy, this entire passage--and this passage alone in the 40-page manuscript--has been deleted by Hemingway.
Despite the significant place Audubon holds in Warren's canon of poetry, there has been little, if any, mention made of the rich textual history of the poem, especially the numerous manuscript notes, holograph and typescript drafts, and correspondence related to the poem's composition.
As a coda, Garth includes holograph reproductions of three pages from the Essay Club minutes on Tolkien's presentation of "The Fall of Gondolin" on March 10, 1920, and four pages of Tolkien's own minutes of the Stapledon Society meeting of December 1, 1913.
Yet in The Garden of Eden manuscript, the page before David destroys the passage from the honeymoon narrative is misnumbered, and the onion-skin pencil holograph has been sliced in two with scissors.
The primary manuscript source for the symphony is a holograph conductor's score with minor corrections held at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.
The smooth, grooved compact looks like a block of little holograph pearls.
It starts off with a slave girl dancing along to I Ain't No Holograph Girl (to the tune of Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl).
Our Phantaglyphs[R] are unreal; they're stunning 3D images that rise off a printed page, tablet, or mobile device like a holograph in a sci-fi movie.
At one time,De La Rue was a major producer of credit cards but it sold that side in 1999 to Overture, the French group,because it preferred to focus on the security aspect,namely the holograph (whichin Visa's case is a fluttering dove) that makes counterfeiting difficult.
There is also a holograph draft of Boulton's controversial will.
To rely on edited anthologies of the artist's writings for such an ambitious undertaking would have produced dubious results: the way to proceed is by turning directly to the surviving holograph writings, as Laurenza has done.