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A will or deed written entirely by the testator or grantor with his or her own hand and not witnessed.

State laws vary widely in regard to the status of a holographic will. Some states absolutely refuse to recognize any will not in compliance with the formal statutory requirements pertaining to the execution of the will. Many states that do not recognize holographic wills executed by their own citizens within their borders will nevertheless admit a holographic will to probate if it was validly executed in accordance with the statutory requirements of another jurisdiction that recognizes such wills.



HOLOGRAPH. What is written by one's own hand. The same as Olograph. Vide Olograph.

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Wilson's earliest American poetry was published while he was a resident of Milestown, and the first holograph manuscript piece to appear in the notebook concerns another event of great national importance during this period.
I will examine Margaret's first surviving letter, from Edinburgh in 1503; scribal letters from Margaret during her years as Queen Consort (1503-1513); Scots holograph letters immediately following Flodden, during her first regency; holograph letters written during and shortly following her return to the English court (1515-1517) that witness a change back to English forms; then Scots holograph letters from around the time of a significant political realignment (away from the English court, in 1519) and into her second regency (1524-1525); and finally what appears to have been a final shift back to English forms once her role as regent had ended (evidence for which survives in letters written in the 1530s) (for further summary of Margaret's life, see Eaves 2004).
The process of obfuscation continued when he started turning his holograph manuscript into a typescript.
Holograph photocopy, New York: American Music Center, 1947, US-NYp.
These sonnets, all but two of them in holograph form, are, as previously mentioned, in the Spears papers in the Churchill Archives at Cambridge University.
The Henry Miller Collection is a small and varied compilation of materials from the 1960s and 1970s comprised primarily of typescript and holograph manuscripts of articles and other short pieces, including "The Firecracker Versus the Bomb," "Harold Ross of Blue Earth," prefaces to Book of Nudes and Conversations with Picasso, among other titles.
Innovision Labs has built a holograph machine with which the user can upload a movie via a memory stick.
This paper reports on the discovery of a holograph manuscript by the American poet and philosopher George Santayana and the subsequent inquiry into its provenance.
By then, we''ll probably be able to have a reunion by holograph.
London, June 06 (ANI): Google has honoured holograph inventor Dennis Gabor.
Hold a bill up to light and look for a holograph of the face image on the bill.