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A will or deed written entirely by the testator or grantor with his or her own hand and not witnessed.

State laws vary widely in regard to the status of a holographic will. Some states absolutely refuse to recognize any will not in compliance with the formal statutory requirements pertaining to the execution of the will. Many states that do not recognize holographic wills executed by their own citizens within their borders will nevertheless admit a holographic will to probate if it was validly executed in accordance with the statutory requirements of another jurisdiction that recognizes such wills.

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HOLOGRAPH. What is written by one's own hand. The same as Olograph. Vide Olograph.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Scholars in recent decades have brought critical attention to the published versions of "The Cinema" (Hankins; Humm; Trotter; Marcus); the time is now ripe to extend our collective scholarly scope by beginning to peruse the inviting pre-texts of that essay, holograph fragments and drafts which are fascinating to read on their own, but which also provide valuable insights about Woolf's arguments and aesthetics.
In general, one would tend to privilege Weill's holograph over the hastily scribbled band parts or a single contemporaneous recording.
According to Weill's piano-vocal holograph and its derivatives, this waltz, sung in E major, concludes the number.
The placement of the holograph materials on deposit at the Sibley Library in Rochester, New York, is celebrated with a symposium and concerts highlighting aspects of the KWE.
Although she accepts that Peterhouse 75.I is a holograph, the evidence in her opinion is insufficient to show that it is in Chaucer's hand.
The notebook's first page carries the holograph inscription in Wilson's typically artistic hand: 'Alex Wilson, July 8th.
There are more than 550 manuscripts and holographs (original and photocopy); many scores bear only incidental markings but others include extensive markings.
It was creatively presented in an attractive holograph displaying the system details and showing the Matterhorn covered in denim.
Exhibition highlights include a letter from Jelly Roll Morton to Alan Lomax; a Chet Baker suicide note; a rarely seen Romare Bearden sketch; a handwritten letter from Mary Lou Williams to Carmen McRae suggesting songs she might like to record; a holograph score by Gil Evans written for Helen Merrill; and film and television clips with Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Fats Waller, Ella Fitzgerald, Jimmy Rushing, Luciana Souza, and others.
Perry's linguistically non-expert suggestion was based on unspecified features, but reference to the original manuscripts confirms that much of Margaret's holograph writing does indeed reflect contemporary Scots forms.
Virginia Woolf, Jacob's Room: The Holograph Draft, transcribed and edited by Edward L.
King says that, since this is not a variorum edition of Lewis's poetry, he does not give differences between the drafts of the same poem (4-5); but he states, in a different paragraph, that he does give "minor variations between Lewis's holograph version and the published version" of "certain narrative poems" (5).