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BISHOP. An ecclesiastical officer, who is the chief of the clergy of his diocese, and is the archbishop's assistant. Happily for this country, these officers are not recognized by law. They derive all their authority from the churches over which they preside. Bishop's COURT, Eng. law. An ecclesiastical court held in the cathedral of each diocese, the judge of which is the bishop's chancellor.

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He teamed up with Holy Orders for six wins, two at Listed level, and the pair even earned a trip to Australia in 2003 for the Melbourne Cup.
Before taking holy orders, he worked for 11 years in the oil industry.
He said: "The disciplinary tribunal of the Church of Ireland, having investigated the complaint, has now found Mr Alister Williamson to be guilty of conduct unbecoming to the sacred calling of a person in holy orders.
Thanks to Vincent, it is now virtually impossible for a paedophile in Holy Orders to abuse.
He will now be deposed from Holy Orders by the Church in Wales.
A Church of England tribunal found Reverend Teresa Davies guilty of "conduct unbecoming or inappropriate to the office and work of a clerk in holy orders.
Some may simply chalk this up to yet another instance of creeping clericalism in the liturgy, but the accompanying super-sized understanding of Holy Orders is a theological bridge too far.
A VICAR being investigated for alleged child porn possession could be stripped of Holy Orders, even if charges are not bought against him.
Had he done so, he would know that a certain Mr Nolbert Kunonga, supporter of the Mugabe regime and sometime Archbishop of Harare, has been dismissed from his post and debarred from Holy Orders.
Bedard stand on the sacraments of holy orders and the anointing of the sick as to their efficacy of grace and/or their sacramental abuse?
The Anglican Gathering of (AGO), a group that says it "seeks to follow the traditional teaching and beliefs of the Anglican church," said the action has "set us on the course to fully embracing a new policy with regards to same-gendered blessings and issues surrounding Holy Orders.
THE VATICAN'S CONGREGATION for Catholic Education has issued its much-leaked and long-awaited "Instruction concerning the criteria of vocational discernment regarding persons with homosexual tendencies, considering their admission to seminary and to Holy Orders.