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For veterans and family members who want more information about the Red Sox Foundation and Mass General Hospital Home Base Program, or to schedule a confidential appointment, please call 617-724-5202, email homebaseprogram@partners.
The Home Base Program provides clinical care to New England veterans of the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan who experience combat or deployment-related stress and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI); counseling to family members including spouses, parents, children, siblings, partners and other family members facing deployment or re-integration challenges; community education for caregivers throughout New England who serve veterans and families including primary care physicians, social workers, clergy, and first-responders; access to clinical trials and the newest and most effective therapy and treatment for PTSD and traumatic brain injury.
The Home Base Program provides: clinical care and support services to service members and veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families who are affected by combat or deployment-related stress and/or traumatic brain injury; education for clinicians and the community about the "invisible wounds of war" and the challenges faced by military families; and research in the understanding and treatment of PTSD and TBI.
Registration and event information for the 2012 Run-Walk to Home Base Presented by New Balance is available at www.
Home Base's 4 USB ports allow you to connect devices such as external hard drives so you can share music, pictures, and videos with your family and Home Base will automatically back up each connected computer's files periodically to a connected external hard drive, so you don't have to worry about sudden data loss.
Home Base also allows you to wirelessly access media files stored on a hard drive attached to your PS3ao or Xbox 360A, and its file sharing feature automatically uploads your new photos to a Flickr or Picasa account so you can share them with friends online
The upper level, built on the largely flat (eastern) side of the site, consists of three wings in which home bases (flexible but largely traditional classrooms) look out north into the trees.
Hominids did not need home bases of any kind, since they could have scavenged carcasses after predators left and before hyenas or other scavengers reached the scene, argues Robert J.
The two-year grant will enable the Home Base Program to offer high quality, more accessible care to hundreds of veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to their families, throughout New England.
We're proud to make this donation to the Home Base Program," said Jack Donachie, president and CEO of International Cars, Ltd.