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Country: United States of America
State: Missouri

My house was raided by the cops 2 days age, they took me and my girlfriend in to jail on a 24 hour hold. They let us out and didn't file any charges on us. Is it ok to move out of the state or is that in violation of the law? No one told us that we can't leave the state so I am unsure.


You normally can leave unless a court has ordered you not to go--
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The Metropolitan Police refused to reveal the location of the Liverpool home raided or say if items had been seized.
THE heartbroken widow of a man killed trying to stop a thief stealing his 4x4 has had her home raided by a burglar.
THE widow of Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev has had her family home raided by FBI agents.
It was reported that on Friday, Najeeb from East Jerusalem, had his home raided by the IOF at dawn, was handcuffed and blindfolded before being escorted to the Al-Maskobiyya detention center in Jerusalem.
BURGLARY victim Matthew Lewis was so angry to find his home raided he turned detective.
A COUPLE have had their Coventry home raided while they were asleep upstairs with their newborn baby twins.
That explanation surprised one neighbor, who said tenants of the home raided on Tuesday morning "have been great neighbors.
A PROMINENT Welsh musician had his home raided by police yesterday after a drugs warrant was issued.
Photographer Shinoyama's office, home raided over nude photo shoot
Syvret was arrested in April and his home raided by officers who interviewed and released him pending further inquiries.
Damian Cobain, 41, a licensing officer with Durham Police, had his home raided in the probe into the alleged sale of more than 100 shotguns handed in to the force by members of the public - many of them farmers.
MASSIVE HAUL: PC Alex Nisbet inspects the crop of cannabis at the home raided in Benwell; NOWHERE TO HIDE: Police are hunting the crooks behind the drugs farm in the Benwell area of Newcastle PICTURES: JOHNB MILLARD www.