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It's just like home-coming," Maud said, as I ran the boat ashore.
Mr Verloc returning from the Continent at the end of ten days, brought back a mind evidently unrefreshed by the wonders of foreign travel and a countenance unlighted by the joys of home-coming.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- Several hundreds of Kazakh people who used to live in Turkey and returned to their homeland after the independence of Kazakhstan celebrated the 20th anniversary of their home-coming.
TUNIS (TAP) - National flag carrier "Tunisair," Wednesday, announced several additional flights, mainly to France, Germany and Belgium, ahead of home-coming of Tunisians abroad.
On Saturday, June 2, The 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards will stage a home-coming parade leaving City Hall at noon.
X FACTOR hopeful Cher Lloyd was shat-tered last night, after her home-coming gig flopped.