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Other topics on the agenda include women in sport, innovation, emerging sports and markets, the importance of home-grown events - with examples from Dubai itself - and how host cities can leverage events to drive tourism.
The first venue to be part of Project Canvas opened within Nawwara Lifestyle Choices, a home-grown concept at the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, earlier in June.
Dyke wants to increase the minimum number of home-grown players in club squads from eight to 12, but he is facing opposition from the Premier League.
With the new leader of the European Commission it is important we establish close relations to see how we can protect home-grown, grass-roots young players in the different countries.
We are at eight out of 25 and we see it is not really as great as it should be so whatever move in favour of increasing home-grown players is something we can only support.
The 232 players submitted in Premier League first-team squads - and who qualify as home-grown because they were registered with their clubs for at least three years before the age of 21 - includes 43 who are non-British or Irish.
Top marketing research firm YouGov's first ever Home-Grown Annual BrandIndex Rankings, which exclusively focus on brands born out of the UAE, showcase the top 10 brands with the highest Buzz scores over the last 12 months.
A new Angus Reid Institute poll reveals that around two-thirds of people in Canada believe that home-grown terrorism is a grave issue.
The home-grown player credits, meanwhile, apply to players who joined a club academy before their 18th birthday and have been with the club for more than two years.
UEFA's general secretary Gianni Infantino has now confirmed that instead the clubs will only have to name five home-grown players, a decision which could have a significant impact on City's transfer plans.
In this way, they say, they will be able to import cheaper wheat on time, of which, together with the home-grown wheat, they will be able to produce flour at a competitive price.
There is plenty of top quality home-grown music in the same genres that could be added to this mix, especially if music of the last 25 years is included.