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Nando is an unashamed home-loving boy at heart, but he admits that his DIY skills can leave a little to be desired, although he has assembled all the furniture at his home in Liverpool.
STUNNING Lindsay Lohan poses provocatively for a magazine fashion shoot - and insists she is now just a home-loving girl at heart.
The home-loving Manchester man admits he still gets star-struck when famous footballers text him asking for tickets.
Home-loving David - who has a sister, Janet, and twin brother and sister Alan and Lynn - rejected the chance of emigrating to America where his skills are in great demand.
And at the very head will be two unassuming home-loving North East men who have played their part in the spectacular Ashes triumph.
I have never met a Chechen, but I am prepared to believe that the great majority of them are as kind, and as generous, and as home-loving as the people of Llandegai.
HOME-LOVING Shrewsbury can use the Gay Meadow factor to extend their stay in the Conference play-offs by beating Barnet today.
At first glance, such a move might seem unlikely, but Catherine is a home-loving girl at heart and has always made noises about wanting a home within easy reach of her family in this part of the world.
Home-loving Jason - currently appearing at Dublin's Abbey Theatre - would like nothing better than to have a posh reception at home.
All goes well at first until Bridges begins to suspect that they might not be simply the home-loving suburbanites that they appear.
Mr de Mulder's aunt, Pat de Mulder, said: ``He was a young man with outstanding qualities, home-loving, hard-working, willing and kind.
But off screen, Harry, 37, insists he's boring, home-loving and dedicated to his wife Lucy and year-old son Archie.