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2 STAMP DUTY People need to be able to realise their home-owning dreams and the Government is stamping their size 9s all over those dreams.
Combined with falls in home ownership generally, the rise of second home-owning in 21st Century Britain is behind an increasing concentration of property wealth, according to the Foundation, whose work aims to improve living standards for people on low to middle incomes.
Yet home-owning households rose by a million between 1997 and 2010, under Labour.
Yet home-owning households rose by a million from 1997 to 2010 with Labour in power.
Talal Khaleel, a Jeddah-based real estate analyst, said the home-owning trend is growing among Saudis.
The Government's national campaign to tell the home-owning public about the introduction of HIPs began on March 25.
Plus, as circumstances force straighter-than-an-arrow James to bend his ethics, this rock of country home-owning rectitude's personal anguish takes on multiple shades, one more poignant than the other.
Home-owning couples were little better, withdrawing pounds 645 of the pounds 697 they saved.
Because some people worry that bird feeding disrupts natural patterns, the practice has long been debated by the environmental, bird-watching and home-owning communities.
Many of these buyers are known to be home-owning professionals who are interested in heritage, culture, good food, wine and original or unusual quality goods.
It provides upper income home buyers with a tax shelter, encouraging them to view home-owning primarily as an investment, and to buy bigger homes, and more homes, than they need.