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Talal Khaleel, a Jeddah-based real estate analyst, said the home-owning trend is growing among Saudis.
The Government's national campaign to tell the home-owning public about the introduction of HIPs began on March 25.
But the Prime Minister-in-waiting should go a little easy on the hand-wringing concern and his determination to create "a home-owning, assetowning, wealth-owning democracy".
Plus, as circumstances force straighter-than-an-arrow James to bend his ethics, this rock of country home-owning rectitude's personal anguish takes on multiple shades, one more poignant than the other.
Home-owning couples were little better, withdrawing pounds 645 of the pounds 697 they saved.
Because some people worry that bird feeding disrupts natural patterns, the practice has long been debated by the environmental, bird-watching and home-owning communities.
In addition to spotlighting the most exciting new homes and communities across the country, New Home Journal features the latest and most innovative products available to the home-owning public.
It provides upper income home buyers with a tax shelter, encouraging them to view home-owning primarily as an investment, and to buy bigger homes, and more homes, than they need.
He said: "My vision is to build a home-owning, asset-owning democracy, where all and not just the few have the chance to own their own homes, buy shares and build up assets.
MORE and more of our home-owning seniors are cashing in and blowing town - selling their homes at what are near-record prices and moving out of Los Angeles for better-run places.
Equity release is the apparent saviour for home-owning middle Britain: fiscal and national stability factors that protect the property market also persuade many individuals to regard their home as a `cash cow' that can be milked in future.