homeless child

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Our centers and programs serve as pillars to the community, helping to restore and revitalize the quality of life for every homeless child and family in D.
Stability is vital for a child's healthy development, but it is not practicable for a homeless child who faces a life of constant change.
The problems of a homeless child don't stand a chance of being solved in what has become the standard operating procedure of real-life pediatrics.
The McKinney Act "requires that states receiving funds under the McKinney Act assure that each homeless child shall have access to a comparable free, appropriate public education in the mainstream school environment .
There have also been a number of independent facilities popping up around the country to assist in providing a place where the homeless child can be educated while feeling safe and secure.
It is no small challenge to find power, love, and self-discipline when you are a homeless child who has moved 39 times, attended 13 different schools, and slept on couches or at shelters or wherever you and your family can find a place.
For example, clinicians can inform teachers that a homeless child may be behind academically, and they can request information on academic achievement from other schools.
Become a Big Brother or Big Sister to a homeless child.
Even such basic communication can make a significant difference in the life of a homeless child.
The homeless child at school: From welfare hotel to classroom.
When a homeless child moves into the school, assign a buddy to show him or her around the school and make introductions to people.

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