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Instead she "has her own homelier aura, a mother figure, heroine of ...
"When people work all day they are happy knowing their beloved pet is walked, watered and fussed, and it makes for a homelier alternative to kennels if people go on holiday."
If the tomato she sliced into had little resemblance, sadly, to its homelier, tastier French (or Italian) cousin, or the "nice" joint of beef she recommended was suffused with antibiotics and hormones, well, there was only so much she could do.
Ray may extol the value of rootedness in her epilogue, but Brown preaches a homelier, harder truth: that all too often the rootedness of the poor only underscores their vulnerability.
In confidential moments s he preferred the homelier themes, and would have enjoyed best of all being tender and gay about the coal cellar, or reticent and brave about the leak in the boiler" (169).
hope of regeneration, but, describing such a reaction in homelier terms,
(43) All Saint's Anglican Cathedral also noticed a similar decline in attendance, and made some efforts to create a "homelier" atmosphere at the cathedral, including putting greeters at the door of the church to encourage people to consider membership.
Traditionally, we would expect to see people splashing the cash on furniture and items to make the house homelier, but it appears that savvy homebuyers are making decisions with more long-term benefits."
Perhaps, Stevens' poem would not have the same force if it was merely about the sublime unthinkability of the preexistent to human; its challenge lies in the way it stresses the ambiguous articulation between the myth before myth and myth; imagining the necessity of a language and intelligibility that is unhomely, the only key of which however, is given by a homelier logic which occludes it at the same time.
The space is decorated with light furniture, with light grey upholstery which coordinates with the many green plants outside the windows to make it seem homelier.
All models are homelier than the proverbial mud fence, however they are at the better-looking end of the mud fence scale.