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Metaphors and similes are frequently of the homeliest variety.
For the producers of MTV's hit show ``Pimp My Ride'' -- whose mechanics and bodywork specialists perform extreme makeovers on the homeliest of vehicles -- this congregation of clunkers was a sight for sore eyes.
The Koolinda is 2000 tons of sheer kindliness, the homeliest ship personality of the Australian coasts, and the only thing in the far North-West never known to be late .
There's the 1923 widely publicized nose job of vaudevillian Fanny Brice, performed in a hotel room; the prize of free plastic surgery (and, inexplicably, an opera audition) to the 1924 winner of New York City's homeliest girl contest; the first public face-lifting, performed at the 1931 International Beauty Shop Owner's Convention.
crumbled Monday, August 18, in the face of the homeliest of nouns: solidarity.
In choosing the house as the site of their work, the architects defamiliarize the homeliest of spaces with unhomely effect.
George, also in the National Gallery, London; yet the homeliest gesture often assumed a religious significance in the art of that time.
In Wodehouse we know where and when we are, even in the homeliest of details.
For the congregation, Calvin used the common argot, humor, and the homeliest of analogies.
Except that they're necessarily loaded with the homeliest domestic bric-a-brac--a college pennant, milk bottles, ticket stubs--the New York Police Department murder photographs from 1914-18 displayed in Luc Sante's Evidence weren't meant to contribute to the sociology of death.