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Farnum, always suspicious of threats to his wife's virtue, even though she was reputed to be the homeliest woman in the county.
It was one of the homeliest courses in the world," said Geoff Lewis, winner of a Victoria Cup and a Winston Churchill Stakes, in A Long Time Gone.
The censored part of "War-Matters" introduces Lincoln as "lounging" into the meeting room, a "tall, loose-jointed figure, of an exaggerated Yankee port and demeanor, whom (as being about the homeliest man I ever saw, yet by no means repulsive or disagreeable) it was impossible not to recognize as Uncle Abe" (510).
Senyk concludes this virtuosic linking of a supremely institutionalized text written by one of the pillars of Orthodoxy and invoked at every liturgy, with the homeliest impulse toward decoration, with a fresh reading of an episode from Dostoevskii's Demons.
Metaphors and similes are frequently of the homeliest variety.
For the producers of MTV's hit show ``Pimp My Ride'' -- whose mechanics and bodywork specialists perform extreme makeovers on the homeliest of vehicles -- this congregation of clunkers was a sight for sore eyes.
The Koolinda is 2000 tons of sheer kindliness, the homeliest ship personality of the Australian coasts, and the only thing in the far North-West never known to be late .
lt;/pre> <p>(19) True to her professed intention of recounting "the editions and selection processes they have undergone in becoming used as hymns" she recorded chapter and verse of a correction made to the second line of the second verse of "Third Sunday in Advent," that conjures up the landscape of the Holy Land, only to deplore the tourism replacing the spiritually profitable imagination available to "the homeliest hearts of pilgrims pure and meek.
There's an alternative clothes shop - Trisha's - that has remained unchanged since the 1970s (I imagine the rents must be lower along here), and the homeliest electoral registration office you will ever see.
He was a sort of Stephen King for kids with titles like It Came From Beneath the Sink hinting at horrors from the homeliest source.
Some say that even the homeliest woman is radiant on her wedding day, and there is no doubt that most brides look very special," she gushes.
This direction is particularly surprising in the case of incest, since it can be said to be the homeliest among sexual offences' (p.